Partnering with nonprofits to address critical needs.

The Foster Foundation carefully curates the organizations and projects we support. We directly invite organizations we've identified as exemplary partners to submit proposals. We no longer accept unsolicited proposals or grant requests. If your organization is interested in being considered for funding, please review the process steps below.

For Grant Seekers

Our grant making process has changed. Beginning with our 2017 funding cycle (January 1―August 31), our grant application process will be by invitation only.

All grant seekers should review and follow these process steps to be eligible for consideration. This includes prior grantees; organizations who have submitted proposals in the past who have not been funded; as well as organizations who are approaching the Foundation for the first time for funding consideration and support.
Determine Eligibility
To be considered for possible funding, your organization must meet all these requirements:
  • Have current 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Be located in or serve populations of the Pacific Northwest which includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska.
  • Address as your mission or project intent one of the Foundation's Priority Issues for funding.
  • Not have any delinquent final reports due to the Foundation from previous grant cycles.
If all eligibility requirements are met, proceed to Step 2.
Check EIN in Our Database
The Foundation stores an organization's information by its Employer Identification Number (EIN). Please check if your EIN already exists in our database. Click the button below to enter and submit your EIN.
Check Your EIN

Complete or Update Organization Information Form
If your EIN is not currently in our database, you will be prompted to open and complete the Organization Information Form. The data you provide will introduce your nonprofit's mission and goals to the Foundation. If we need more information or would like to request a site visit, we will contact you.

If your EIN is already in our system, follow the directions listed for your specific organization. Click the link to go to the Organization Portal Login. You will need to enter the User Name and Password you received from the Foundation. If you forgot your User Name, contact our Executive Director. If you forgot your Password, instructions for resetting it are provided. Once logged in, you can review and update your Organization Information Form. Your organization's past grant awards are also listed here.


Wait for Status Update and Invitation to Submit Proposal
If we think your organization is a good match to our funding strategies, we will notify you to confirm your status as a partner organization and invite you to submit a proposal. If you are a first time partner, we will send you a User Name and Password. Your Grant Request application will be completed online with detailed information provided to streamline the process.

If your organization has been reviewed and rejected, you will not be able to login or submit a proposal for funding.

If you have questions about our new grant eligibility and submission process, please call our Executive Director, Karen Okamura Rowe at 206-726-1815. Or, send your inquiry via email at
Grant Cycle Timeline

As the Foundation transitions to our new grant application by invitation only procedure, we will actively review the organizations currently in our database. Our goal is to identify partner organizations―those nonprofits we deem to be a good match with our priority issues, geographic reach and funding goals. It is this group of organizations that we seek to invest in over the long-term. Many of these organizations have a long history with the Foundation and have been regularly awarded grants.

We encourage organizations who are approaching us for the first time to follow the For Grant Seekers steps outlined above. By submitting the Organization Information Form, you allow us to review your goals and missions to determine if you qualify for partner status and an invitation to submit a proposal. We will accept and review Organization Form data from January 1 - August 31.
January 1 - August 31
Partnership Evaluation and Proposal Invitation
Early January

Organizations reviewed and determined to be qualifying partners are notified and invited to submit a Grant Request proposal.

Organizations will be given or reminded of their User Name and Password which will be used to gain access to the Organization Portal Login. Here, complete instructions will be provided to assist you in writing your proposal. All Grant Request proposals will be completed and submitted online using our electronic form.
August 31
Deadline for submitting your Grant Request.
August 31

Deadline for submitting your Grant Report from prior year's award, if applicable.

Complete instructions for completing the online Grant Report are available via the Organization Portal Login. All Grant Reports will be completed and submitted online using our electronic form. Organizations delinquent in reporting about their prior grant will not be eligible for funding in the next grant cycle.
September 1 - November 30
Foundation Review of Grant Request Proposals
The Foundation reviews each Grant Request for completeness against our stated requirements and funding priories. If additional information is required or a site visit is needed, we will contact you.

Grant Award Notification
The Foundation staff meets with The Foster Foundation trustees to make final funding decisions. Organizations awarded grants will be notified by a letter transmitting the funds in December for use in the next calendar year.

Frequently Asked Questions
Beginning in 2017, The Foster Foundation will no longer accept unsolicited proposals or grant requests. Instead, we will directly invite those organizations we deem to be qualifying partners to submit a grant request online. Your best first step to be considered for funding is to complete an Organization Information Form. Click here to learn how.

The Foundation considers various types of funding requests on a case-by-case basis from eligible organizations. Funding may include grants for projects and programs, general operating support, capacity building, challenge grants, endowments and in-kind services.

In reviewing support requests, we look for effective organizations with a strong track record and a sustainable business plan. Priority will be given to funding innovative and collaborative approaches to meeting critical needs that result in improved services, increased impact and positive outcomes for constituents within our areas of focus.
In general, The Foster Foundation will not consider requests for:
  • Direct grants, scholarships or loans for the benefit of specific individuals.
  • Projects of organizations whose policies or practices discriminate on the basis of race, ethnic origin, sex, creed or sexual orientation.
  • Contributions or program support for sectarian or religious organizations whose activities benefit only their members.
  • Loans.
Requests for capital needs will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. The Foundation has a history of funding the tangible, hands-on needs of an organization that directly serves constituents, such as books for preschools or beds and food for shelters.
Yes. All requests from partner organizations located outside the Pacific Northwest are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Grants to these organizations usually stipulate that any funding must be used within our geographic reach—one or more of the five states within the Pacific Northwest.
Yes. We look for organizations that maximize their service potential through leverage and partnership. Having multiple means of support is not a disadvantage or disqualification for funding consideration.
Please wait to hear from us. If your request passes our initial review, we may contact you for added information or a site visit. Final decisions will be announced in December.
Yes. A partner organization can apply for and possibly be awarded multiple grants if they each address a different program area of concern to the Foundation. (Learn about our Priority Issues). Multiple grant requests in any one program area will not be considered. However, if unusual or emergency circumstances exist, please contact the Foundation at 206-726-1815 to discuss your situation.
There is no typical grant size. Awards vary among our grantees and reflect, among other things, an organization's size and need, a program's degree of alignment with our funding priorities and our annual budget.
As a private foundation, we are required to give away a minimum of five percent of our net asset valuation each year. This amount varies every year depending on the performance of the endowment investments.
Occasionally, the Foundation will make multi-year commitments to reach a total dollar goal for a specific project or program. These decisions are made at the Foundation's discretion after careful review and evaluation.
We prefer to keep the site visit as informal as possible. It is our opportunity to witness your mission statement in action, so no special preparation or presentation is required. Our goal is to have meaningful conversations about your work with key staff and program participants.
As a grantee, your organization is required to submit an online report and financial accounting on or before August 31 in the year following disbursement. The Foundation will provide you with a username and password to access our Organization Portal Login where complete instructions are provided.
The Foundation prefers to keep a low profile, concentrating on providing support rather than gathering acclaim. If your organization wants to announce or commemorate our gift, we ask that you contact us first to discuss the details.